Beard Transplant

One in two males have trouble growing a full beard or sideburns. The beard transplant procedure can eliminate the appearance of bald patches, building a healthy beard that can be maintained and shaped as the patient wishes afterwards. Due to genetics, and despite an excellent care routine and healthy eating, some men still find it difficult to grow and maintain a beard, goatee or sideburns. Our beard restoration procedure can change the look and structure of the face, making it appear more shaped and helping the patient achieve a neater look even when shaved.

The supply of hair is normally taken using both the FUE and the FUT method depending on how dense you would like your beard and how much area you wish covered would depend on your donor area and this would have to be discussed with the surgeon.


Eyebrows & Eyelashes Transplant

Eyebrows are one of the key aspects of our faces that are a key indicator of youth. Our eyebrows naturally grow sparser with age, and thin and hairless eyebrows do often age both men and women up considerably.

An eyebrow transplant procedure can replenish lost hairs and give your eyebrows that youthful, thick and natural-looking appearance. And this does not mean that you have to have full, bushy brows – you and your surgeon can decide the resulting shape and hair thickness. The transplant is easy and you will immediately notice you’re more youthful and radiant appearance – as will other people too. You will need between 400 to 500 grafts per brow depending on the out-come of your consultation with the expert. The hair is taken using either FUE or FUT method, however FUT is the preferred method as no shaving of the head is required.

Eyelash transplant is very similar to that of the eyebrow transplant where hair is typically taken from the back of the scalp and selected into single hairs to be planted into the eye lid. The procedure involves about 60 to 70 hairs per eye this is normally done under local anesthetic. The direction and angle of each individual hair is carefully done one by one to ensure natural looking results. This gives density and length to the eyelashes. Maintenance of the eyelashes after surgery will be important. Surgery itself is between 4 to 6 hours.


Chest Hair Transplant

One in two males have no chest hair, Due to genetics, this can be done however the density will not be a great as the area being covered is a lot larger then a bald patch on the scalp, noticeably body hair are single hairs and therefore the splitting of the hair grafts and planting the hairs in the desired area will give some coverage to your chest.

However those with hairy chests and lack donor hair on their scalp may wish to take hair from their chest and plant it into the scalp area. these hairs are different from normal scalp hair so would really only be used to add density to the scalp or beard. Discuss these options with the surgeon on your consultation day.



Pubic Hair Transplant

Is Pubic hair back in fashion? Some say it is. Interestingly, more and more ladies and even men are wishing to get their pubic hair back after having them lasered off. Some people due to ethnicity have hardly any hair on their bodies.

If you would like hair down there, we will help! The procedure is done in exactly the same way as all the other hair transplants where hair is taken from a good donor area and relocated after being split and selected for planting in the pubic area. With this technique you can have any desired pattern round your bits.

Once again this is something to take up with the consultant and the surgeon.

Results may vary from person to person